About Annie

I am an Interfaith minister, an author, a designer, an entrepreneur and a great believer in giving love and comfort to others. As a designer, I am currently developing my specialty line called Create Harmony®, of inspirational products that include, socks, pajamas, paper goods and more. My passion for design grew out of my work as an interior decorator many years ago in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area; it was there that my interest in the use of colors, textiles, and the blending of patterns was born. My Create Harmony product line was birthed out of this love for designing and creating. You can read more about this on my page, How My Create Harmony Product Line Came To Be.

I was trained in world religions and philosophy at The New Seminary in New York City. As the founder and facilitator of Synchronized Women™, a spiritual women’s group, I have been teaching the spiritual tools of journal writing, meditation, and how to use and write affirmations for over a decade. Writing affirmations and prayers for many people over the years earned me the esteemed title, “Affirmation Queen!”

Life-changing work for me includes ministering to members of a New Jersey community, as an invited presenter to a large bereavement group who lost loved ones in the 9/11 tragedies, as well as aiding women with cancer. An author, I have two manuscripts in production with a book publisher, including a children’s story about “going green.” I reside in Colorado with my family and two pooches.

My Story

My spiritual work with women began in 1999 while living in south Florida with my husband and our two small children. It was there that my desire to connect with like-minded women inspired me to form a spiritual women’s group which I aptly named “Synchronized Women™.” With babies in tow, four friends and I began meeting weekly to pray, meditate, and talk about anything having to do with spirituality.

A few years later, my husband’s career relocated our family to Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Eager to become a part of the community, I set-up meditation classes and a Synchronized Women’s group before my feet even touched the ground. As timing would have it, my work launched the week after the tragic event of 9/11.

Around the same time my fascination with world religion and the many pathways to God prompted me to begin a two-year study at The New Seminary in NYC. In June of 2004, my graduating class and I were given the privilege of being ordained at the famous and magnificent Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Standing in the corridor with my classmates as the procession was about to begin was one of the most joyous moments in my life.

Synchronized Women quickly expanded from one group a week, to three, and then to seven. To accommodate the growth, I began leading annual How to Create Harmony® In Your Life spiritual conferences and workshops for women. Over the years the daylong event included themes like meditation, journal writing, creativity, prayer, and one of my favorite topics, angels. Each event also featured two powerful speakers who encouraged women to rise above their life challenges. Over time my conferences began attracting women with cancer or illness, and others enduring difficult life challenges. I then began working with women individually offering prayer work and words of comfort; this is where the inspiration to write my Love Comforts™ cards came from.

After waiting many years to fulfill my “back pocket dream” of starting my own product line, Create Harmony® was launched in 2006. I will never forget the feeling of contentment that overcame me when I saw my products set-up on tables for purchase. Neatly folded pastel t-shirts with angel wings on the back, jewelry hanging from a large angel statue, candles, lotions and crèmes, all adorned with sweet logos. Never mind that the products sold well — the pure joy of seeing my line set-up was enough to hook me for life.

After the conference I began giving away my inspirational specialty socks and other products to friends who had been diagnosed with cancer. Later I learned that they were wearing them while in treatment. It was then that I knew my designs were offering support and comfort to others and this caused me to gear my product line more toward those in need.

After seven wonderful years of living in New Jersey, life led us to the Denver, Colorado area. In the years since, I have worked with women both privately and in groups, but have chosen to spend the majority of the last few years writing, creating, and designing.

My work over the years has now culminated in the publication of my first set of affirmation and blessing cards. The cards have become the inspiration for my entire Love Comforts collection. I view all of my work as one big ministry, which is about giving love to others.



Annie S. Greenleaf

I am-

A blessed mother of two teens

An avid journal keeper

An author

A writer

A designer

An entrepreneur

An Interfaith Minister

A lover of nature


A color freak



A visionary

A lover of all shades of purple

A believer in causes and supporting others

A sometimes rebel

A lover of winged things like fireflies, bees, birds and angels

A treasure hunter and collector of
angel tchotchkes

Absolutely fascinated by life under
the depths of the sea

A fan of vintage children’s books
and illustrations

A loving expression of my creator