Farewell Pink, Hello Purple

Farewell PinkShort entries are the way of the journal writer and I am really good at them having kept a journal for eighteen years. But journal writing has also made me become a bit of a lazy writer and this is why blogging should be right up my alley. Short pieces, not a long drawn out article or book chapter!

The truth is I have had the idea to start a blog tucked in the back of my mind for years now. And I have made lists and lists of topics with titles (love titles) for the day that I am ready. But, where to start? What is my message? Do I write first about my best childhood friend Belinda who got me into so much trouble, or do I write about the inspiration overload I recently experienced in Santa Fe, Mexico while strolling Canyon Road with my daughter?

Then a big revelation — Write about what is closest to your heart.

This is what is close to my heart, and this is what you need to know about me.

For years I have worked with women on spiritual, inspirational, and healing levels through my meditation groups, conferences, writings, teachings, etc. But there is one experience that opened up a new part of my ministry.

This is about Penny. Purple Penny, my nickname for she whose spirit is indelibly stamped on my heart. Penny was a seven-time breast cancer survivor and a beloved yoga teacher in the community of Basking Ridge, where I once lived. Private sessions in her home, just the two of us. Me at her bedside and Penny lovingly open to receiving the expanded part of my heart – Love. We talked, laughed, and prayed together.

Through God’s grace, Penny started feeling better, well enough to set off for a special walk for survivors in California. That same morning I woke up with an inspiration whispered into my ears from heaven, Have Penny host a purple healing party.

Two weeks later after I’d been on a week’s vacation at the Jersey shore with my family, I walked into Penny’s home and stopped and smiled at the sight of her kitchen table. A purple liquid concoction in a punch bowl, a large purple frosted cake, purple grapes, and any kind of purple food were presented, including some modified with purple dye! Purple balloons and streamers for décor were strewn about and guests wore some shade of purple! Still in vacation mode I casually filled my plate, grabbed some of the purple liquid and wandered off to socialize. Penny soon approached me and asked if I would give a little blessing and talk to those present. Standing by her staircase we shared our experience of working together with the many women present. Gratitude, reverence, and love were so thick in the room that the same knife used to cut the purple frosted cake could have cut a nice thick slice of air.

Afterwards, many women approached me who wanted to speak about their personal struggles with various forms of cancer and other life challenges. I had no idea so many were there. I quickly stepped into my “minister shoes”, the purple meatballs would have to wait. One by one that night we went to into a guest room and talked and prayed together…and this is where my desire to work with women with cancer sprouted. Penny planted the seed of a violet flower within me that has grown and grown, and is now sprouting out of my ears and nostrils, and it must be shared.

Because of my experience with Penny I now associate the color purple with breast cancer. NOT pink. Pink is about awareness but purple is about believing. Pink has done an amazing job of bringing awareness to the cause. Those who have campaigned for pink, thank-you! Those of you who were Divinely inspired to make pink a very popular color associated with breast cancer, thank you. Your job was well done indeed. Awareness is always the first big step for healing, but awareness will not take us to the finish line. Believing that a cure will be given to us from our creator will take us there, demanding collectively as a people that we will not have this any longer, will take us there.

Step aside pink, purple is now ready to push its way in, because purple is about the cure that pink has been wanting. Purple is ready to take a stance and state loudly, “No more.” Purple is telling our creator that we have had enough and it is time, no more. We won’t have it. A father will never turn his back on his daughter; a mother would never refuse her infant milk, why should we settle for hope? We need to demand that the cure be given to our people now, that healing on all levels can be had. A permanent cure, yes. Believing, yes!

We cannot allow for our precious women to be plucked from life early or at any age because they have become fraught with the disease. This has to stop, and it will; I believe with my whole heart that it is possible to rid the earth of cancer if we all step forward with our demands and command, No more, I believe!

Now trending, Purple. No – now here to stay, perfect healing. Purple is not only a symbol for breast cancer but embodies a shift in mass consciousness toward the many forms cancer takes.

I write this for all of the women and men suffering from any type of cancer, for those who are frightened and worried about their health and their families. You have my love and compassion. There has never been a better time to look your creator in the eyes and say, No more, I won’t have it. Believe dear ones that it will be given to you and it will.

Shine your light upon your people Creator. We say no more, we say it’s time, and we know that with you ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

Prayer/Affirmation: My voice is heard and I believe that healing can be had.


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