How to Create Harmony In Your Life
Spiritual Conferences For Women

Purpose: Created for the purposes of providing spiritual enrichment, inspiration, and comfort for women, the How To Create Harmony In Your Life Spiritual Conferences For Women were birthed, and are now available in the Denver metro area.

Topics: Conferences are offered with topics in groups of three, such as meditation, journal writing, and affirmations; angels, prayers, and intuition; and dreams, creativity, and inspiration. Harmony Conferences can be geared to women suffering from cancer, illness, or other life challenges. They can also focus on bereavement and the grieving process for women who have lost loved ones.

Speakers: The Harmony Conferences include Annie S. Greenleaf as the leader and facilitator, and also include inspirational women speakers who speak authentically and sensitively to the specific audience.

What You Receive: All participants receive a Harmony booklet that is customized based on the chosen topics for the event, as well as a giveaway bag, and a specialty bookmark.

Participants: The Harmony Conferences are meant to cater to the specific needs of your group. Whether it’s a daylong event, a workshop, a weekend conference, or even a retreat.

Types of Groups: The Harmony Conferences appeal to a broad audience including, but not limited to, church groups, women’s prayer groups, bereavement groups, general women’s groups, support groups, and even book groups. However, they are not limited to groups and are meant for the general population as well. Past participants have included women from different religious faiths and backgrounds, as well as doctors, small business owners, mothers, schoolteachers, and businesswomen.

What You Leave With: It is our intention that all participants leave feeling inspired, encouraged, equipped with spiritual tools and filled with spiritual nourishment.

What Participants Have Said:

“I personally felt moved in a way which I can only describe as one of the most unique and compelling experiences in my life.”

“This was a magical day.”

“We all felt connected to each other.”

“I will carry it with me for a long time.”

“It was such a gift.”

“I am inspired.”

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