How My Create Harmony®
Product Line Came to Be

My Create Harmony® product line was birthed from my years of working with women on a spiritual, inspirational, and healing level, and my passion and love for designing, creating, and writing.

Design time is playtime for me! Give a kid a shovel and a bucket and plop her on a white sandy beach next to a vast ocean and the joy of playing is bountiful and limitless. I love the creative process; it is the “lighter” side of my work where I feel a direct connection to my spirit and heaven, which leads me to feelings of bliss and freedom.

I call my Create Harmony® product line my “back-pocket dream.” I am a great believer that everyone should have a dream tucked in their back-pocket that sparkles, beckons, and gives butterflies of excitement to the belly when thought of. A back-pocket dream can lie dormant for many years, as did mine, but can suddenly leap to life when the time is right. As a full-time mom I chose to wait until my children got older and my family settled into one place.

The very first product I designed many years ago was a journal for me. My first journal (given to me) was masculine and bulky, so I decided to design my own using a bright purple shade with a softer and feminine design. Over the years I have added colors to my collection of journals to use for workshops and conferences. My bookshelves are full of the many that I have filled over the years with personal entries, prayers, affirmations, and designs. They remain my most prized possessions.

My love of design started many years ago, when I lived abroad as a teenage exchange student in Denmark, when a Danish friend took me into her bedroom. There I spotted a stack of gorgeous hand-knit sweaters in shades of apricot, creams, greens, and pinks that she’d knitted herself. I was shocked to learn that most Danish teens were knitting their own sweaters. I immediately became enthralled with the tradition of weaving yarn and clicking needles so I asked my host mom to teach me. Because I couldn’t speak Danish right away I whiled my time away in French class knitting sweater after sweater, using my own designs (too lazy to follow a pattern).

Later in life, not able to keep away from color, patterns, and textiles I worked as an interior decorator in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. One of my happiest creative memories is of a snowed-in day (everything shuts down in the area if one inch of snow falls to the ground), fire burning and forty fabric books spread out everywhere; along with a deck of paint samples, I decorated 100’s of rooms in my head.

In 2006, as I was preparing for my 2nd annual How To Create Harmony® In Your Life Spiritual Conference, I felt the urge to start my product line. Within three months I had a line of specialty soaps and lotions, and t-shirts that I designed with angel wings and little sayings. I also designed a pair of colorful uplifting socks and my sister helped me create a line of jewelry. I love seeing things packaged and presented beautifully, and when I saw my own products set up on a table, it was a powerful moment of thrill and joy combined. The fact that my items sold well was simply a bonus; I was more pleased at the visual pleasure given to me in that moment and the sense of fulfillment for having created things that brought others joy.

I consider my product line a great part of my ministry, which allows me to send out little pieces of harmony and messages of love.


I Have-

A grin that is not so toothy

Some wrinkles

A passion and love for creative imaginings

A desire to spiritually nurture others

Two crazy small pooches

An affinity for Jane Austen works and memoir pieces

An addiction to color and patterns

Family and friends that I adore

A foul mouth when it comes to watching my son’s lacrosse games

Pressed my ear against my daughter’s bedroom door to hear her sing

Watched Julie and Julia five times in one year

Decided that Beethoven’s Symphony Number 9: Ode to Joy is music sent from heaven

Become obsessed with spotting a Big Horn Sheep

A penchant for a good cup of tea


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