Mission & Inspiration

Create Harmony® is a ministry that encompasses all of my work under one large purple umbrella. This includes my writings, conferences and workshops, my product line, and my design work, along with other various offerings.

The inspiration behind Create Harmony comes from my personal experiences of working with women who have suffered from cancer and other life challenges, as well as my love of offering comfort, support, and wisdom to those in need.

It has been a desire of mine for many years to create a website that is a place for people to find comfort and inspiration through my postings, affirmations, blogs, and visuals.

May Create Harmony spread love and goodness to others one design at a time, one word at a time, and one prayer at a time.

Blessings Many,


I Believe-

If a grasshopper crosses your path, it is destiny

The spirit of God is within everyone and all living things, no exceptions

In the human spirit

In love, goodness, and abundance for all

People are loved deeply in ways they do not know

In the exploration of the heart and true inner beauty

The tiniest of creatures like a ladybug has its own destiny

That doves, hummingbirds, and hawks are really angels and fairies in disguise

Everyone should have a back pocket dream

God sends kindred spirits to us all the time

Gossip dulls the heart,
compliments enlarge it

Great opportunities are everywhere

Everyone has the chance to leave a trail of good behind

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