Other Offerings by Annie

Synchronized Women™: Is an interdenominational meditation women’s group I founded in Florida in 1999 and led for over a decade. What started with a few women blossomed over the years to include seven weekly groups, and conferences and workshops. My teachings inspired other women to start their own groups, which are still running today. Due to time constraints I am not personally leading any Synchronized Women’s groups, however, that may change come Fall 2014. If you’re interested please email Catriona Stack at

I Am An Author: Two books that I have written are currently in production for publication through a book publisher, including a book for children about “going green”. My first broad audience book, which centers on themes of self-empowerment, healing, and inspiration, will be published in 2015. This book also includes pieces about my work with women with cancer and other life challenges.

Public Speaking: I am an inspirational speaker and have given talks on many subjects such as Interfaith in our time and anything having to do with spirituality. I have been an invited speaker at a number of different types of events over the years from bereavement groups to cancer support groups to women’s spirituality groups. I enjoy speaking and would be happy to consider your event. To learn more about booking me to speak at your event, please contact Kathleen Lessman Communications at

Ministerial Needs: As an Interfaith minister I have been a guest speaker at events and women’s groups in Florida, New Jersey, and Colorado. As well as leading invocations and blessings for large public events, I have officiated many specialized ceremonies including weddings and baby blessings. I have been invited to perform healing services within churches and yoga studios for those afflicted with cancer and those with other needs. Ceremony requests are something I consider on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested please email Catriona Stack at

Tap For Cancer: Is a not-for-profit organization I founded and am in the process of formalizing, which collaborates with dance studios for tap-dancing performances whereby the dancer gets sponsors to perform, and the proceeds go to various cancer organizations and foundations. The last fundraiser, a dance performance by 18 adult tap dancers, including myself, raised $10,000.

Global Prayer Work: I work with a team of people nationwide who are committed to offering prayers of care and concern for the earth and for humankind. We specifically pray for the betterment of the earth, the changes of the earth, and needs that are felt by many around the globe.

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