Love Comforts™ Cards


The Love Comforts™ set—three years in the making—features 44 individual blessing and affirmation cards for people suffering from cancer, illness, and any of life’s challenges. The cards are made from partially recycled material.

Inspired by the courage and strength of those who have endured various difficulties, I wrote and created this inspiring deck to bring comfort to others. The cards are the perfect manifestation of my years spent working with women on a spiritual, healing, and inspirational level.

The cards can be used in many ways to receive the intended blessing, support, wisdom, and encouragement. For example, you can draw one daily or weekly, and place them around your home, or on your car dash, or in your journal. The set is small enough to fit in a purse or travel bag, for on the go.

It is my sincere hope and desire that you will feel comforted by love as you face life’s challenges.

“Annie’s Love Comfort™ Cards offer a bouquet of loving reassurance and powerful thoughts. Gifting someone who is ill with this bundle of positive energy ensures that during a moment of need your loved one can pull a message and a prayer that brings hope and light.”
- N.S., Connecticut

“The Love Comforts™ Cards provide a soothing and centering way to transition to a quiet and calm night’s sleep. I appreciate being able to reflect on this wisdom just before bed. They are a welcomed addition to my bedside table.”
– M.H., Colorado

“Annie’s Love Comforts™ Cards offer simple, clear guidance in a very supportive and nurturing way. Read one and allow yourself to receive the blessing.”
– G.J., New York

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