I am an Interfaith minister, an author, a designer, an entrepreneur and a great believer in giving love and comfort to others. As a designer, I am currently developing my specialty line called Create Harmony®, of inspirational products that include, socks, pajamas, paper goods and more. My passion for design grew out of my work as an interior decorator many years ago in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area; it was there that my interest in the use of colors, textiles, and the blending of patterns was born. My Create Harmony product line was birthed out of this love for designing and creating.

I was trained in world religions and philosophy at The New Seminary in New York City. As the founder and facilitator of Synchronized Women™, a spiritual women’s group, I have been teaching the spiritual tools of journal writing, meditation, and how to use and write affirmations for over a decade. Writing affirmations and prayers for many people over the years earned me the esteemed title, “Affirmation Queen!”